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Hey TriBE ! How's your Lockdown #1

Interview avec Gérôme Casamento

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Tr1 Plan - 19/12/2020

Activation / Potentiation EMOM 12min 20 Glute bridge 16 Push press 8/8 10 Goblet bulgarian split squat 5/5 MetCon 3x AMRAP 4min AMRAP 4min 16 one arm thrusters 8/8 (moyen) 16 Hang Muscle Clean 8/8 (mo

Tr1 Plan - 18/12/2020

Mobility 3 rounds for quality 30 sec Samson stretch L 30 sec Samson stretch R 15 Slow Overhead Squat (PVC) 10 Bodyweight slow cossacks squat (5/side) 10 Alt Standing straight leg raise " Aerobic Capac


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